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Frequently Asked Questions

Important information about our service

SponsorMyClearance.com is a service that provides a directory listing to Employers of individuals willing to be considered for a new or upgraded government security clearance. As a sponsoree (candidate - applicant), you must understand and acknowledge that registering for this service in no way guarantees you will be contacted about nor sponsored for a clearance (or clearance upgrade). This listing only makes you available to be considered for a sponsorship. All actions regarding who is considered and selected for clearance sponsorship are strictly in the hands of the Employers who participate with our service.

Obtaining a clearance

Why obtain a government security clearance?

A 3 year subscription
to our service - $49

Clearances are granted for people to perform classified work for the government or military. Not only are clearances necessary to hold many government employment positions, but most people also maintain their clearances as a matter of pride. As we seek to protect our freedom as Americans, serving our country by maintaining the duties required using a clearance is an honor. Clearances can also provide job stability.

How can I obtain a clearance?

You can't just sign up for a clearance. Instead you must be sponsored. Organizations that see a need for someone to have a clearance can sponsor that person for a clearance. Organizations that sponsor individuals for clearances are government, military and corporations.

So, how do I get sponsored?

If a company sees a need for you to obtain a clearance, meaning, that your skill sets match an available position that would require a clearance, they can apply to have you sponsored.

So, what does SponsorMyClearance.com do?

SponsorMyClearance.com was founded by a team of experienced Defense / Intel recruiters. We have contacts with hundreds of government agencies and contracting companies. Once you, as a Sponsorship Seeker, are registered in our directory, we will make your information available to these organizations for consideration for any sponsorship opportunities they have.

Costs and Guarantees

Is there a cost to register with SponsorMyClearance.com? Yes. Why?

SponsorMyClearance.com provides directory information to employers for no to low cost, therefore making the service much more widely used than were employers to have substantial fees. This makes the chances much greater that employers will use this as a resource to find our registrants. The small fee that Sponsorship Seekers pay is what allows us to operate the site and continue to uncover new companies who will sponsor applicants.

Am I guaranteed to be contacted about a sponsorship? No. Why?

There are lots of factors that go into whether an employer will contact you about sponsoring you for a clearance. But certain factors will definitely make your chances greater or less. We recommend that you read the important information below as to what employers would look for in a potential sponsor's background as well as items that will substantially hurt your chances (and may be good reason not to seek a clearance).

Some important factors

Skills sets are very important

Organizations will typically sponsor candidates for professional positions. So, having skill sets to fill professional employment roles is critical. The types of skill sets can range from technical, financial, administrative and more. In general, you are going to have a much better chance of being sponsored if you have strong educational and professional skills.

Location, location, location

To be a strong consideration for a clearance sponsorship, you must be able to work at the required location! Consequently, areas that have more cleared positions available are likely to offer better chances for being contacted about sponsorship. When filling out your profile information, be sure to be specific with your 'relocation areas' if you are willing to relocate.

Patience is a virtue

Finding a potential sponsorship can take time and there are many factors involved. That's why your registration lasts for 3 years. There are budget cycles, micro and macro-economic factors, specific events, transition and attrition of existing workers and more, all which affect when and how a sponsorship opportunity can come about. Even if you register for this site, you will want to continue to maintain employment where you are now until a sponsorship comes to fruition.

Have you been naughty or nice?

We at SponsorMyClearance.com have no interest in your personal business, and we won't ask! However, in order to obtain a government security clearance, personal issues (like criminal arrests, drug use, poor credit) can affect the government's willingness to consider you for a clearance. If these problems are severe or current, you may want to think twice about registering for this site.

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